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Lord & Sanborn, Inc.

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Lord & Sanborn is an independent Registered Investment Advisor.  For the last 15 years we have built advisory relationships with families throughout New England.  Lord & Sanborn focuses mainly on the Middle Market, IE. Teachers, Firemen, Librarians, Clergy, Doctors, Builders, Lawyers, Plumbers, etc.

At Lord & Sanborn, we have the client - and only the client - in mind.

We believe that as markets, investments, tax laws, estate laws and life itself grow more complex-- and as our clients are increasingly inundated with data and facts instead of wisdom - what they need most is twofold:

First, a comprehensive financial and estate plan.

Second, a competent, caring and unbiased team of empathetic professionals to serve as the steward and advisor of that plan to keep everybody and everything moving in the right direction.


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Licensed in NH, MA, ME, FL, TX